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​​Professional Services

For those seeking a Photographer

Polaris Imagery is a full-service photographic services provider.  Our focus is outdoor and action photography but we can provide photographic and post-production editing services tailored to the needs of individual and commercial clients in a variety of settings and requirements.  Polaris does not photograph weddings. 

  • Event photography

  • Portraiture

  • Commercial services (ex: real estate, marketing materials)

  • Outdoor or action photography

  • Boudoir

  • Many more

For those seeking an Aerial Imagery Drone Pilot

Polaris Imagery is a FAA Part 107-certificated Commercial Remote Pilot ("drone pilot") and can provide aerial imagery services to clients needing imagery from above.  Specific industries and applications include:

  • Real estate and land sales imagery

  • Insurance inspection 

  • Marketing materials

  • Tourism promotion

  • Special events

  • Historic sites

  • Forensic support

  • Search and Rescue

  • Many more

For Aviators and Aviation Professionals

Polaris Imagery can provide photography services to aviators who desire images of themselves or their aircraft in flight or in set positions.  As a former aviator in the U.S. Air Force, Rick speaks "pilot" and understands aviation.  Examples of photographic services for aviators include:

  • Pilot portraits with or without aircraft ("hero shots")

  • Photographs of aircraft pictures for records, documents, and insurance purposes

  • Imagery for commercial aviation business uses

  • Photographs for aircraft sales or rent

  • Aircraft in flight or motion

  • Sunrise, sunset and other scenic settings

  • Airport, hangar and FOB photography for historical and/or other documentation

  • Many more

For First Responders

In addition to aviation, Polaris Imagery takes great pride in focusing our photographic and aerial imaging services towards the first responder community: fire, rescue, law enforcement, and search and rescue because Polaris is part of that community.  Rick, the founder of Polaris Imagery, is an active first 9-1-1 responder with over 10 years experience as a nationally-certified firefighter and emergency medical technician and over thirty years of photography experience photographing emergency incidents.  He also has over 13 years of professional experience working for a federal agencies in national security in an investigations role.  He is also a "Certified Tactical Responder" so based on his operational and photographic experience he understands the dynamics of "The Street" and how to get the image when seconds count. 

Examples of Polaris Imagery's services for first responders: 


  • Fire scene and incident documentation

  • Aerial reconnaissance for incident command

  • Aerial thermal sensing (coming soon!)

Search and Rescue/Emergency Medical Services

  • Aerial transport of medications and small equipment/supplies to trapped persons

  • Aerial reconnaissance for lost persons

  • Aerial thermal sensing (coming soon!)


Law Enforcement


  • Tactical reconnaissance

  • Incident command support

  • Aerial thermal sensing (coming soon!)

Agency Activities

  • Tactics, techniques, and procedure evaluation

  • Public relations / Agency history

  • Training materials development

  • Photographing of equipment and materials

  • Portraiture of personnel

  • Vehicle and apparatus images

  • Capability demonstration

Email Polaris at to learn about our professional services!

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