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Rick Charles picked up a 35mm Canon AE-1 film camera (yes, that very one pictured!) as a high school student in the early 1980's and seldom is far from a camera now.  He has always been captivated by life in motion.  Capturing action images without a possibility of a do-over has been the allure.  For over thirty-five years, Rick has literally "focused" on aviation, action events, emergency situations, nature, sports and transportation... subjects which don't wait for the photographer

Rick is now taking his photographic skill to commercial creativity. Product and lifestyle photography, specifically beverage, bottle and cigar subjects, are his photographic interest.
CANON AE1-1 20220313.jpg
NYPD-1 SIG 9x6 20190427.jpg
In addition, Rick is a FAA Certificated Remote Pilot (drone pilot) and has also used that dynamic platform to produce compelling aerial imagery,


For business inquiries or imagery purchases, contact Rick at:
rick @ recon5


Instagram: Rick.Charles.Photo & Recon Five Media
LinkedIn: Rick Charles
YouTube: Recon Five Media
Facebook & Twitter:  Nope

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